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Dr. Craig W. Carmichael, MD is an interventional pain specialist in Bloomington, IL specializing in Interventional Pain Medicine. Neck and back pain is common, but you do not need to live with pain. If you’re among those feeling spinal discomfort on a regular basis, contact our team for quality and customized treatment plans. To receive the best treatment and most attentive personal care for your physical medicine and rehabilitation, be sure to contact Therapeutic Spine and Pain Center of Bloomington, IL. 

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Medical Treatment

After meeting with Dr. Carmichael, surgical treatment may be a solution offered. Our medical treatment plans help to relieve your neck and back pain depending on many factors. We will walk you through your options and decide together the best course of treatment for your neck or back pain. 

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Our rehabilitation team helps to understand the source of your pain and provide solutions for noninvasive therapeutic treatment choices. We work together to offer proven solutions and therapy for your pain or injury. 


Neuropathy Spinal Cord Stimulation

Neuropathy is pain, numbness, or tingling caused from damage to a nerve. A common cause of neuropathy is diabetes, but can also result from an array of injuries or infections. Spinal cord stimulation is a proven way to manage this pain caused by neuropathy by disrupting the pain signals that travel between the spinal cord and the brain. Call today to learn more or to book your appointment with us!

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